Eclipsed Obsidian Steed


An Obsidian Steed that appears as if light is shining around its edges no matter what angle it is viewed from.


During Auris’s early career as a Paladin he was browsing the wares of a wandering merchant when he came across a figurine of an obsidian steed. The merchant explained to him that he could use the figurine to summon a mighty steed that could bear him in battle. Often finding himself quick and eager to charge into a fight, Auris quickly decided that having such a trinket would benefit him greatly. Experimenting with the steed, Auris learned that he could imbue the steed with some of his life force, making it much more resilient to damage. Over time, the steed’s appearence began to change, reflecting that of Auris’s eyes.

It is unknown whether the change in appearence was due to his divine energy transfering over when he imbued it, or if it is a divine gift from his god due to his devotion to the image and symbology of the eclipsed sun.

Eclipsed Obsidian Steed

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