Ascensions Gate

Fevered Dreams

The World is a white fire. My hand wouldn’t come up to block my eyes. The Blackness finally settles in as a muted world begins to fall away, I managed to grab bits of the world with my left hand. Breathing is hard, its seconds taking longer, but holding my grip helps.

A sense of a familiar taste, it is acidic and bitter sweet; I’m salivating. Someone in this World is dying, the death is elegant and potent. There are hands? Many or none, I’m not sure. They are trying to mute out an already dull world and I’m straining to listen to the words. There is a gold creature, it seems surprised, it’s still gold in a grey world. Then the rasping started loud and drowning, trying to wrest my grip.


The voices are familiar, they’re not comforting. Ice runs through my veins. They want to eat me, I know they want to eat me. I’m screaming and nothing’s coming out so I try to run but all I can do is hold my grip, nothing else is responding. There’s a face next to my head it’s been there the whole time. It’s trying to cajole me, Ice, trying to be friendly. I can just let go, then I can run and get this thing out of my face. I’ll drown, I’m still holding my breath. If I let go I can run.


I know what it’s doing it’s trying to make me let go. I can’t , I can never lessen my grip, never never never.

I can’t die. I can’t, I can’t die. I know where they want to take me. I know I know I know. The feline malevolence drifts from my ear to my shoulder caresses my neck with venomous ice. Pain. Finally Pain. It exists in this halfway place. It surges through my spine and I yell, but there’s no sound.

Surge of green. An ocean of it flashing around, its loudness subdued by my inattentive ears. Endless, unforgiving green. I only pay attention to the creature on my chest, it’s curled up, rumbling. Friendly, hungry eyes remain fixed on me, curiously attentive and patient. It is waiting for me to give in. I am the boat it is riding out on such a fibrous sea. Poison emanates from the vibrating vapors pouring off that horrid little creature, it’s demeanor unchanging. I’m aware of those hands again, clawing at my backside. I think they are hands. I think my eyes are bleeding. I haven’t let go, my left arm is entirely a cramp, rigid and solid. I don’t know if I could let go if I wanted to. I don’t. I know where they’re taking me. I can’t die. I can’t.

I can’t die.

They want me too badly.

The gold thing is there again, in my field of vision. There are many things in my vision now. I don’t understand. What did they do with the sea? It was dustier now than it was before, and more solid now. The light here burns my bleeding eyes, my throat raw even though I’m still not sure I was screaming. Are my eyes bleeding? They’re very hot. I can still smell that bittersweet aroma. I want to eat my own death, it hangs like a musk in the air. The gold thing is talking. It’s angry though. Does it know I am here?

Bleak. Dull. Grey.

I’ll stab that little bastard. I’ll keep those fucking eyes off of me. I can just get a better grip pull myself back. I can keep fighting. I can keep.

I can keep fighting

“No, no, it’s ok, you don’t need to.”

Ramos is there. Is he in the Ocean World? No, the ocean isn’t dusty here. There is no ocean anymore. It’s smaller, contained. A room. Very small, no there’s curtains. A cloth room. Heh.

“I’ll fight, I’m still good.” My tongue is funny. I can still taste my death. I wipe off my tongue.

They’re saying things but it’s still dull. I can move my arms now. I can feel my chest, there’s no cat there now. I can feel my ribs. My ribs…


I can feel my metal ribs with my metal hand and I can feel that they’re both metal. How can I feel that? Dull aches are everywhere, I might be able to stand if I try. I don’t think I should yet though. Reesa is thinking about other things, I think she’s been watching me. Why can I feel my muscles in my metal arm? How did that get there? I think there was an explosion. I think I was in that explosion. Is this a hospital? How did we get to a hospital?

“What do you want to do with her?”

“What?” I feel thick.

“You didn’t want to…” Ramos was looking at me, concerned.

It settles in, “No! No. I was just going to let her go.” Don’t want the shadowfell to be mad at me, I’ll take one less person being mad at me.

Ramos looks relieved. She said something ominous I’m sure. I don’t care at this point. I want to know what happened to my arm. I think I should just be glad I’m still alive.

I just… can’t die…


Blitzwing42 Prymaster

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