Ascensions Gate

Dreams # 2

A large axe almost crushed Ramos, but the titanic blade of Weapon 27 knocked it aside as Ramos dodged. He had his sword drawn and his parrying dagger in his other hand, all but useless against the magitech suit. The pilot of the armor, a Torosian lieutenant, spat at Ramos and used her magically enhanced strength to swat Weapon 27’s sword away. Ramos prepared for the next assault.

Ramos vaguely remembered how the fight began. The party of survivors: Ramos, John the scout, a huge half-ogre called Weapon 27, a Concordant ice mage Corporal Thiramos and a lone monk named Nerubi, had banded together on the battlefield and were fighting their way back to the Concordant line. They had learned of a Torosian strike force set to attack regrouping Concordant soldiers. Ramos would not have that. They tracked the enemy force and attacked from ambush. Weapon 27 cut through dozens of men with his terrible sword and Thirmos froze a score of enemy soldiers with his magic. Ramos and the monk fought against the enemy, with Ramos hoping to engage their leader.

Now Ramos dodged another attack from the battlesuit pilot and realized he was outmatched. All of Raulo’s teaching, would be useless against a walking wall of magical iron. Weapon 27 smashed at the suit, but even his sword couldn’t break through. Ramos charged and thrust with his rapier hoping to hit any weak point, but there were none, and his sword bounced off the metal. The pilot laughed.

“Such tactics certainly didn’t help your commander, duelist, I doubt they will aid you any better,” she mocked.

Ramos drew a breath. This was the magitech suit that Raulo faced. He was certainly dead now. Rage boiled inside Ramos. Raulo had been a friend, turned Ramos away from a life of crime to protect the Concordant. He was a true hero and now this war hungry witch struck him down. Ramos bellowed in anger and renewed his attack and the pilot laughed cruelly. There has to be some weak point! Ramos looked behind the battle suit and saw John creeping behind her. As if reading Ramos’s thoughts, John took careful careful aim, and launched a dagger at the lower chest plate of the magical armor. The blade stuck in between the creases of the plate and popped it just slightly away from the armor. And that was enough! Ramos saw the opening and lept forward and thrust his rapier at the spot. The pilot gasped in surprise and pain as Ramos’s sword bypassed the armor and sliced her flesh. She stumbled away, bright red blood leaking from the lower plate. Weapon 27 saw the sudden weakness immediately, and rushed the wounded pilot. He began smashing his sword at the lower plate. Each blow was thunderous and the pilot could not hope to stand. She collapsed to the ground, armor ruined. Weapon 27 raised his sword above his head, ready to deliver the crushing killing blow, but Ramos raised his hand to stop. Weapon 27 paused and the pilot crawled from her ruined armor. John appeared next to Ramos.
“No survivors, Sergeant,” he said. Ramos looked at him stunned.
“We are not killing a defeated enemy if we do not have to!” He said.
Thiramos stepped next to Ramos, “Sir, we have no other option. We cannot take her prisoner, we have no way to hold her and she will try to thwart us in returning to our line.”
The pilot rolled on her back and looked at Ramos.
“You are a coward,” she said, “Come on, patriot, strike down your enemy. Luthor will do the same to you soon,” she spit at the flag tied around Ramos’s waist. Weapon 27 tensed. Ramos sighed. Everything seemed so different than before this battle. What would Raulo do here? It was dishonorable to strike at a broken foe. But she would try to hurt them, kill other soldiers. That was her job. And Toros had invaded the Concordant. Ramos stepped forward, and stabbed the pilot in the throat.
There was a heavy silence on the battlefield. Is that what a hero should do? Ramos asked himself.

That was what a hero did.

Ramos woke up


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