Xaing Hu

Druid Shifter "negative" white tiger striping with asian exterior emerald green eyes that show orange in torchlight.


My life began the same day it ended, the day I learned I had been living a lie, the day she was taken from me…

I lived from childhood in THE cult of ‘The Lost Children of Ezra The Just And Omnipotent True Lord Over All’. There, through the ‘Trials Of The Great Everlasting Pain,’ I was
to become an official whelp of the Great Dragon. All I had to do was kill one of our own, a traitor, who we were certain still had the traits of weakness, mercy and compassion. Love was not considered a trait of weakness, for it is through love that Ezra will cleanse the world! (Such utter Crap!)

Sadly, today I would have stood as one of these completely defiled minds, if not for the fact that the traitor I was to kill was the love of my life. This was of little consequence as she wrenched my heart out by showing myself and the rest of the Children of Ezra her true nature!(how completely brainwashed I truly was…) For, my love was found giving food to a blind man. The Children of Ezra “understand” that to stand in the way of Ezra’s Punishment is the highest form of heresy (it was obvious to us that this blind man was being punished, through his blindness, for all of his wicked sin.) Killing the vile abbomination who dared stand against Ezra, sadly, at that time would have given me great pleasure. With the news of her treachery she was as if already dead to me. But as I plunged the dagger into her chest, her last words as she looked through my eyes and into my soul were to change my life forever, and would eventually free me (oh what a terible price!). She gasped to me. “We could have..lived another way…now you’ve taken our lives…our child…me…WHY?”

I didn’t know she was with child. Yet, at my hand, both were no more… For the first time in my life, I questioned what a life was really worth. Indeed, not one of the other Children of Ezra showed remorse for this CRIME we commited…that I committed! They said the death was a fitting sacrifice for Ezra. The traitor and her traitor spawn, that would have surely been born a cursed abomination, were just a sacrifice for Ezra. Yet this “abomination” was to be MY SON or DAUGHTER.

From that day, on I truly felt I was a stranger in my own skin. I myself had become an abomination. I was a fiend surrounded by enemies. Her last words, the defiance in her eyes questioning what right Ezra had to move my hand. No! asking me what right I had to do what did! And with that thought, everything changed. Ezra himself didn’t force me to take her life, neither did the Cult. I chose to. On that day, I swore I would never be a mindless tool again and I cursed myself and Ezra, raking my claws across my chest and all but obliterating the mark I had borne since childhood. The tattoo that had covered my heart for as long as I could remember, a giant dragon gripping the earth. Letting any harm come to the mark meant instant death, but I was now truly dead inside. I swore, to whatever forces that would aid me, that one day I would help rid the world of the Great Dragon’s Influence.

That same day, a great draconic beast came from the sky and laid waste to the monastery. Suddenly, everyone lay, covered in blood and gore around me. I awaited my end and then saw a great dark figure before me. EZRA!! I charged blindly, expecting oblivion yet seeking justice.

Suddenly a booming voice shouted “MORTAL I AM NOT YOUR ENEMY! LOOK OPON MY COUNTENANCE!” And truly, as I stopped and looked, I realized that indeed this could not have been Ezra. Even though great in stature, this winged beast stood on two legs and looked as though roughly cut from stone. He was no Dragon. Its voice boomed in my ear “I CAME BEFORE EZRA! NOW LISTEN CLOSELY TO WHERE YOU SHALL GO, AND WHAT YOU SHALL LEARN…”

Xaing Hu

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