The Marquis of Blades

An elegently dresses nobleman shrouded in an exquisite cloak and a brass clockwork mask


A tall man, pushing 6’5" dressed in the height of southern fashion. He is never seen not wearing his cloak with the hood up, and beneath the his hood his face is always covered by bizarre brass mask whose mouth and eyes swivel around to show different expressions depending on the Marquis current mood. Always strapped at his side is a pair of rapiers at the ready so that this self-proclaimed “Second greatest swordsman in the world” is never caught off guard.


Very little is actually known about the fabled Marquis of Blades. It is said that a man of his description appeared in the small port which would later become the bustling city of Itoni 500 years ago, shortly following the end of the War of Ascension. The generally held belief is that every male heir of his family line has taken up the cloak and mask of the Marquis to continue the fable of his immortality. He is extremely private and though magnificently wealthy most of his business is done through his retainers. The only time he appears publicly is at dueling competitions, which no one in his line has ever failed to win, and yet, they always claims to be the second best swordsman in the world.

The Marquis of Blades

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