Reesa Itonia

A towering copper Half-Dragon, forsaken as a child by her parents, who weilds powerful magic granted to her by her heritage.


Reesa’s parents were simple people, human farmers who lived in a village several days travel from the trading city of Itony. They were not superstitious and held no faith in the gods. When Reesa’s mother became heavy with child for the first time, the young couple was overjoyed. They hoped for a strong healthy boy who would grow to work the fields. When the day of the birth came, and Reesa was delivered into the world, her family was shocked and horrified to find that she was no human child. She was a half-dragon abomination and her mere existence brought shame to them. The couple was devastated and told the people of the village that the infant had died at birth. Reesa was kept quietly in the back of the cottage, hidden from view. She was never given a name, they only referred to her as “you” or “it.” At first, her father accused her mother of consorting with a dragon, but eventually he believed her pleas of innocence. It was legend that sometimes dragons caused normal babies to change in the womb through some foul magic.

Reesa grew up with the knowledge that her parents despised her, and often wondered why they had not killed her at birth. When she was six years old, her mother gave birth to a son. He was perfectly healthy and Reesa hated him. He was everything she could not be, and her parents lavished him with attention. When Reesa was ten, her brother started going to the little school building in the village for a few hours a day to learn reading, writing, arithmetic and all about planting and harvesting. Reesa had never been sent to school, and was intensely jealous. When her brother came home with his lessons, she would get up in the middle of the night and go over them by candle-light. She wanted to learn about the world so she could leave the cottage and never come back. Reesa was very quick and absorbed information like a sponge. When her parents would have neighbors over, she would sit in the back room listening at the door as they spoke of the world. She heard all about Itony from the merchant who her father sold grain to, and she longed to go there. She imagined it was a place where everyone was accepted.

When Reesa was about 12 (her parents never celebrated her day of birth, so she wasn’t quite sure), she started sneaking out of the cottage at night. First she broke into the school and took some books, because she wanted to know as much as she could. By the time she was 14, she was sneaking into the neighbor’s stables to practice riding their horses in the middle of the night. The horses didn’t like her and seemed to sense her draconic nature, but she knew she would need to learn to ride one if she were ever to escape.

One night, right before she turned 13 (by this time she had chosen a birth day for herself), she stole a horse in the night and rode in the direction of Itony as fast as she could. She had one set of clothes, a few stolen loaves of bread and the 7 silver pieces her brother had been given for his birthday. By the time she reached her destination, she had chosen a name for herself. She would be Reesa Itonia. She liked the way “Reesa” sounded and felt that naming herself after the city of her salvation was fitting.

When she actually got into Itony, Reesa was amazed and terrified. The city was huge and overwhelming. She quickly learned that those 7 precious silver pieces were a pittance in the city. She sold the horse for 40 gold pieces, and even that price was hard to negotiate. Reesa was already almost 6 feet tall, and her appearance unnerved the owner of the stable, but she was sure he would have given a better price to another human. She managed to stretch her money for more than two months, staying in the common room of the cheapest inn, but when it ran out she found herself on the streets. She quickly learned how to protect herself and her belongings. She stole to survive and learned that there were many others like her, children who had been abandoned or orphaned and had no one to watch out for them. They liked her because she was bigger and stronger than them. It was the first time anyone had wanted to be her friend. These fellow street children became her family.

When Reesa was almost 16 years old her best friend, a girl they called Kit, was taken by the slavers who roamed the city looking for kids (mostly girls) they could sell to the Morlians and Pirates docked at the port. Reesa found out where she was being held and, despite warnings from the other kids to stay away, she went in to get Kit out. Reesa knew she was in over her head, but she had been having strange dreams of being powerful and they had emboldened her. Once she got into the warehouse through a back window, Reesa figured out there were about six men in the next room with Kit and some other girls. Reesa was peering through a partially open door and could see that some of the girls were crying and two of the men had ripped off a young elven girl’s tunic. Angry and desperate for a diversion, she suddenly felt power welling up within her. Before she even knew what she was doing, a blast of acid and fire erupted from her dagger and engulfed the three men nearest the door. They fell to the ground and the others turned toward the sound. With a yell, they ran toward her, drawing weapons. Reesa charged into the room, still unsure of what she was doing. As the rest of the men approached her, she let loose another blast of energy. They fell, just as the first two had, and Reesa turned her attention to the girls. She didn’t know if any of the men would get back up, but she wanted to get out of the building as fast as she could. She quickly cut the girls loose and together they ran as fast as they could without looking back.

Reesa Itonia

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