Ramos Sinclair

One of the last of a disgraced family line. An adventurer seeking redemption.


Ramos is a human of strong build with black, unkept hair and green eyes. He is 24 years old and hails from the Western Concordant. He is muscular though lean and athletic. He is often unshaven and occasionally appears scraggly. Ramos often avoids eye contact and initially speaks only when spoken to. After getting to know people, he displays a quiet power in most of his speech and acts deliberately and with determination. In combat, Ramos strikes quickly in a brutal assault, often hitting his multiple targets and carving them to ribbons. He has yet to develop his ancestor’s aegis with blades, but strikes as true as the Sinclair of old.

Ramos frequently dresses in well-crafted, black leather armor and carries twin rapiers. One of these rapiers bears the Sinclair family crest, a red and white field with two rapiers running through the heads of a white, black and blue dragon, symbolizing Lamont Sinclair’s defeat of three of the terrible Dragon Knights of the War of Ascension. Ramos often covers the crest with a cloth when traveling in new locations, or in the Western Concordant. In fact, Ramos rarely mentions his last name in public.


Once, generations ago, the Sinclairs were heroes of the Western Concordant. Lamont Sinclair was considered to be the greatest general the West had ever seen and died in the dark time following the War of Ascension while protecting Bathelhelm. His son Lucius Sinclair continued down the path of heroism and his deeds rivaled the greatness of Lamont before him. For almost forty years, the Sinclairs were considered champions of good and justice.

That all changed when Reginald Sinclair, second son of Lucius Sinclair took control of an army and led them against the Black Tooth Grin Clan of the Scar Lands. The orc leader Gorgash challenged Reginald to single combat to decide the fate of his people. Reginald agreed and was overcome by the orc warrior. Defeated, he surrendered and Gorgash turned to his people in victory. At that moment, Reginald struck the orc down like a coward. This moment of dishonor robbed the Sinclair’s of their good name.

Reginald survived this incident and sired more of the Sinclair line, but found their holdings taken from them and the family disgraced. With no money, no title and no lands, Reginald and his now damned family turned to other means to survive. Reginald created a network of thieves and smugglers throughout the Western Concordant. From then on, the Sinclairs were considered a vile breed involved with robbery, extortion and murder. This continued through four generations, with the Sinclairs becoming increasingly powerful, and increasingly depraved.

Ramos Sinclair is the youngest of three, born into the Sinclair line. He is the third son of Travys Sinclair, making him the seventh generation of Sinclairs since the founding of the new line by Lamont Sinclair. Ramos is the child of Travys through his second wife Valeria. Travys’s first wife Susana bore Marcus and Nicolas, Ramos’s brothers, before being poisoned by rivials of the family. Weeks after this incident, Travys offered to take Valeria, the youngest daughter of Travys’s highest debtor, as a wife in payment. With violence implied if he refused, the unfortunate father faced no other choice and Valeria was sold into slavery.

Luckily for Valeria, Travys grew tired of her after Ramos was born and allowed her to return to her family quietly. Ramos lived with his mother for years, growing with his mother’s niece Lucille. Occasionally, Travys would wish to see what had become of Ramos and would summon him to spend a season with him in Bethelhelm. Each time, Ramos was returned home after months of being mistreated by his brothers and his father attempting to bring him into the family.

When Ramos turned 15, his father came for him. Nicolas had been badly injured in a brawl with a rival group of thieves, where he lost his eye and damaged his left hand. Nicolas would not be able to be the enforcer that he had been and Travys demanded that Ramos join the family criminal organization. Ramos refused and his father threatened that harm would come to his mother and his cousin if he did not join them and “work off his mother’s debt”. Realizing that he had no choice, Ramos began working for his father. His brothers and father were horrible to him, and he frequently had to fight just to get food, let alone a share of the profits to send home.

Travys died of a wasting sickness when Ramos was 22. Marcus took command of the Sinclair criminal empire with Nicolas serving as second-in-command. They continued in their villainous ways. With Travys gone, Ramos’s “debt” was cleared because Travys never bothered to pass it to his son. Marcus and Nicolas were glad to be rid of him and Ramos was free to return to his mother and cousin outside of the city of Bethelhelm. Ramos’s connection to his brothers would surface occasionally and Marcus enjoyed reminding Ramos through letters and threats. But things were mostly peaceful.

Ramos’s mother began to fade a year later. In her final days, she told Ramos of the greatness that his ancestors had and how terrible they had fallen. She warned Ramos not to become like his brothers and to always strive to be a hero to those in need. When Valeria passed, Ramos pledged to one day bring the Sinclair name back to the glory it once had. He began honing his skills with a blade, something that always came naturally to him, and prepared for a journey across the desert to the east. His brothers heard about his ideals and began opening mocking him, but Lucille continued to support him in his endeavors.

Finally, after months of training, Ramos journeyed to the Free Cities of the South, hoping to find a grand quest away from the influence of his brothers so that he may bring honor to the Sinclair name. He continues to write home to Lucille, hoping to return soon and with honor!

Ramos Sinclair

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