Jehzarelli Ith-Shanni

A large, demanding and enterprising female skree, out for fame and fortune for her and her mate.


A tallish female Skree with a loud voice and overbearing attitude. She is always dressed in robes covered in headache invoking geometric patterns, a sooty, alchemically stained leather apron, and tinted goggles.


Jehzarelli Ith-shanni was the second born, but first female, of the ith-shanni family and such was a gift to her family. She was given whatever she wanted and as such she received the very best training as a Technomancer. When she was sixteen and ready to mate she told her parents that she wanted a Technomancer for a husband. As the first daughter her parents were obliged to follow through and arranged for her to be wed to the young Fahzul. Since then, despite herself, she can’t help but like Fahzul and all the help he has been in her life.

Jehzarelli Ith-Shanni

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