Fahzul Ith-Shanni

young and nieve skree, wanting to make friends and please his mate.


a rather small but lively young Skree full of enthusiasm and sometimes poorly thought out ideas. wearing long robes, goggles and always accompanied by his assistant drone Vvamph.


Fahzul grew up as most male Skree: on the bottom. He was much more clever than any of his brothers and quite a few of his sisters also. at an early age he became very interested in Technomancy and even convinced his father to convince his mother to buy him his own Mechanicus Arcanum. After this, Fahzul began to program his Mechanicus and then built Vvamph, his own drone assistant. at the age of 16 his mother wed him to Jehzarelli, and young, up and coming technomancer from a prominent Skree clan. Fahzul was very excited at the notion of becoming part of the Ith-Shanni clan and has been doing his very best to live up to his mate’s expectations.

Fahzul Ith-Shanni

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