Auris Moraine (deceased)

Paladin of Aloria


Tall, lean, short cut blonde hair, dark tanned skin.

Though a human at birth, puberty awoken his divine spark. His eyes, which resemble eclipsed suns, reveal him to be an Auralis.

He wields a bastard sword and shield. His full plate armor is matte black with gold leaf on the edges of the plates. His Obsidian Steed always looks as if there is light shining behind it… He embraces the symbology of the eclipse, for without the darkness how are we to define the light.


His early childhood was difficult. He became a pariah amoung his peers when his sister Aseryn claimed direct divine lineage to Alliana. Due to constant harrasment and beatings, he became afraid of going outside his house so he stayed inside and prayed. He prayed to Alliana and Aloria for resolution to the conflict that his sister’s claims were causing. Though he wasn’t certain that his sister’s claims were true, he had faith in her. Most of all though, he prayed to be able to leave the house without facing ridicule, harrasment, and beatings from the older kids.

On his thirteenth birthday he left his house to go fishing at a nearby lake. When he arrived he heard a woman’s scream echo across the lake. He dropped his gear and ran in the direction that he figured the scream was coming from. The screams continued and got louder, assuring him that he was running in the right direction. His blood overflowing with adrenaline he ran faster than he ever did before. As he came around some rocks the woman came into view…

She was limping, struggling to run away. Her dress was torn at the shoulder and the calf and her blood was flowing freely from the wounds. She looked at him, fear in her eyes, and screamed “Run!” She struggled through a few more steps and then fainted to the ground a few yards from Auris. Auris’s could hear the sound of his heart beating in his ears, it reminded him of the sound a horse’s hoofs make when galloping. He stood there for a moment, his mind processing the scene before him, unsure of what was happening and what he should do about it. Then her pursuer came into view. Rotting flesh clung to its bones… A ghoul. It had fresh blood on its claws. It headed straight towards the unconcious woman. It headed straight towards where Auris was standing…

The woman’s words echoed in his mind repeatedly. Run… Run… Run… Run… Auris screamed and ran. It took him a moment to realize what he was actually doing. Prior to running, he had reached down and picked up a large stick. Also he realized he wasn’t running away from the ghoul, rather he was running towards it. Auris charged right up to the ghoul and swung the stick as hard as he could… It broke in half.

The ghoul swiped its bloodied claws at Auris landing a vicious hit across his chest and knocking him down to the ground. As Auris fell to the ground his eyes fixated on his necklace which was falling to the ground next to him. The hemp thong was shredded, the symbol of Aloria was covered in his blood. Time seemed to slow, the sound of his heart was replaced by ringing in his ears. He watched as the symbol of Aloria seemed to shimmer. He watched as it fell directly into his open hand.

Radiant energy exploded out of the edges of the symbol. The ghoul was blasted by the light, its skin blackening and turning to ash. The ghoul roared in pain then slumped over dead. Awestruck and confused, Auris layed there for a few moments. Remembering the woman, he sprung to his feet and ran over to where she fainted. She looked deathly pale and he couldn’t tell if she was breathing. Blood still flowed from her shoulder and leg. He reached out to touch her with his hand to see if she was alive. The symbol, still clutched in his other, hand began to glow. Warm energy flowed through him and into her. Auris watched as her wounds closed and a healthy color returned to her skin.

Her eyes popped open in panic and she frantically looked around. Her eyes fixated on the dead ghoul for a few moments then turned back to Auris. She stared at his eyes for what Auris felt was an eternity. She was quite beautiful and her stare made Auris feel very uncomfortable. Finally, after digging deep inside himself for the courage to speak, Auris said “You’re safe now.” His words seemed to break her out of the trance she was in and she looked away from his eyes and down to his chest…

“You’re hurt!” The woman cried out. Suddenly Auris remembered being hit by the ghoul and then he noticed the pain. He looked down to see his chest covered in blood, and then he fainted.

Auris awoke later that day in his bed. His mother and father were by his side and they were looking at him and speaking in hushed whispers. Auris realized they were also starring at his eyes. Frustrated by the stares Auris barked out “What!” His mother looked at him and said “Your eyes…”

Auris learned that day that he was an Auralis like his sister. Soon after, Aseryn’s claims of divine lineage were affirmed and Auris began formally training as a Paladin of Aloria. With his sister Aseryn now the Chosen of Aloria, Auris has some pretty big shoes to fill.

Auris Moraine (deceased)

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