Rash and cunning Ishari bard with Machiavellian plans of becoming king.


Aerandir is a tall Ishari with alabaster white skin, metallic white hair and bright yellow wolf-like eyes. His style of dress is often odd, but with colorful designs, as if someone made clothes attempting to imitate high fashion, and Aerandir always has an ornate longsword with him. Aerandir is of quick wit and highly manipulative, preferring to trick people instead of asking them for things directly. He gives off an air of aloof arrogance, though is often very cheerful to people…who only later realize he was being coy and insulting.


Aerandir is an Ishari elf from the northern kingdom of Nyssdra. He excelled at the Academy, particularly with arcane swordsmanship. From a young age, he was fascinated by stories of great heroes of bygone ages and he became convinced that he was destined to be heroic like them and have stories told of his glory. The xenophobia and politics of Nyssdra did not offer Aerandir the outlet he required, so he left the northern elves to journey Ratheus in search of his glory.

He eventually found his way to the Blades of Aramatheus, a powerful mercenary company that stretched across the world. Aerandir found a place among these warriors and worked his way into a powerful position in the hierarchy of the organization. He heard stories of the fallen King Aramatheus and his son Prince Telleus, the leader of the Blades. Aerandir became trusted enough to learn that the Blades were the private army of the Prince who hoped to eventually use them to regain his throne. Aerandir was pleased at the epic nature of this story and figured that the story could easily survive with a different hero! He began gathering allies with the ultimate plan to overthrow the Prince and take his army. Aerandir believed he was destined to use this army to forge his own kingdom: Veralis. Unfortunately, Aerandir’s plot was discovered before he could gather the necessary aid and he was defeated. He managed to evade the Blades, throwing all of his allies in the way of assassins as he escaped.

Aerandir was disappointed that his story was placed on hold, but he is eager to find an army to help him rise to power. And if he can gain glorious revenge along the way, what better? He has journeyed to Itoni and found the city recovering from a terrible war. The heroes of this conflict were the Flames of Vengence, an up and coming mercenary company, who fought against the Blades of Aramatheus. This had all the makings of a great tale: Under-dogs, old enemies, need for a great leader! Nothing could be more perfect!!!


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