• Aerandir


    Rash and cunning Ishari bard with Machiavellian plans of becoming king.
  • Haplo


    A massive Orc covered head to toe in divine runes. Usually seen wearing only a loincloth, but never without his great rune etched hammer by his side.
  • Ramos Sinclair

    Ramos Sinclair

    One of the last of a disgraced family line. An adventurer seeking redemption.
  • Xaing Hu

    Xaing Hu

    Druid Shifter "negative" white tiger striping with asian exterior emerald green eyes that show orange in torchlight.
  • "Rook" Kazim-Draxhuld-Kilare

    "Rook" Kazim-Draxhuld-Kilare

    A swath of greys and browns make up his unremarkable wardrobe. However, like all Nogrim, his pallor and eyes are almost a corpselike white. Black veins lurk about his features but are seemingly out of place with a pleasant smile and natural charm.
  • Auris Moraine (deceased)

    Auris Moraine (deceased)

    Paladin of Aloria
  • Fahzul Ith-Shanni

    Fahzul Ith-Shanni

    young and nieve skree, wanting to make friends and please his mate.
  • Ferdinand (deceased)

    Ferdinand (deceased)

    As you walk by, you look and then look again. A shaggy minotaur, covered in rich, red fur that hangs in his eyes reclines against a tree. His armor heaped in a pile, he seems ready to take a nap.
  • Jehzarelli Ith-Shanni

    Jehzarelli Ith-Shanni

    A large, demanding and enterprising female skree, out for fame and fortune for her and her mate.
  • Reesa Itonia

    Reesa Itonia

    A towering copper Half-Dragon, forsaken as a child by her parents, who weilds powerful magic granted to her by her heritage.
  • The Marquis of Blades

    The Marquis of Blades

    An elegently dresses nobleman shrouded in an exquisite cloak and a brass clockwork mask