Ascensions Gate

Reesa - Execution Day

Everything had gone about as poorly as it could have, and basically exactly as Reesa had predicted. Xaing Hu had convinced everyone that it would be a wonderful idea to steal a Morlian airship from the docks next to their base and use it to bomb the other ships before crashing it into the base itself. The plan had been for everyone to bail out of the ship using the slowfall packs that were kept aboard. Reesa had repeatedly pointed out that the plan almost ensured that they would land inside the Morlian base, but no one had listened. The only part of the plan she had agreed with was the sabotage of the other ships. Rook had snuck aboard and poured sovereign glue into the engines of several before almost being caught. Since her protestations had gone unheeded, she had no choice but to go along when they went ahead with Xaing Hu’s plan. She couldn’t leave her friends to do this alone.
What none of them had counted on was that the leader of the invasion force, Luitenant Commander Madrigal Thax himself, would be on the docks with some sort of armor that enabled him to fly. He had soared into the sky after them and laid waste to the group, causing the ship to catch fire and spiral out of control. Everyone managed to leap off before it crashed; but, as Reesa had predicted, they all landed directly in the center of the Morlian stronghold. Everyone but her had been severely wounded (Haplo was near dead) and to prove his superiority, Madrigal Thax had given a speech about how they would be executed and then proceeded to shoot Xaing Hu,
Ramos and Krom. They survived the injuries and the whole group (minus Rook, who had disappeared somehow) was thrown in a cage to await the executions, which were to begin in five days.
The second morning they were in captivity, Reesa had been sitting in the cage, fuming about the mess that Xaing Hu had gotten them all into and futilely attempting to plan an escape, when one of the Morlian Lieutenants marched up with an aide and started staring at her. He pointed, his face twisted with disdain, “The dragon bitch. She’s seems the strongest and we can’t control her filthy magic. We’ll execute her today.” Then the just turned and stalked away.
For a moment, time seemed to freeze and all Reesa could hear was her own heartbeat. She felt a flood of emotion wash over her.
Concern What about the kids? Who would take care of them?
Anger The Morlians had no right to be here! They deserved nothing but bloody death for daring to invade Itony! Curse everyone for listening to Xaing Hu’s asinine plan! No one had heeded her warnings about the danger!
Fear That bastard Madrigal Thax had told them that they would be publicly drawn and quartered.
Confusion They were supposed to have five more days, and she had hoped the rest of the Flames of Vengeance would come to rescue them.
As she sat and tried to process what was happening, she was vaguely aware of her friends reacting to the news. Everything around her just seemed far away and muffled. She turned to Ramos, grabbing his arm forcefully and looking him straight in the face. “You need to take care of them.” It came out almost like a growl and she could feel that every muscle in her body was coiled like a spring. She was vaguely aware that she probably looked terrifying. “Those kids need you, and you have to promise me that you will get out of here and take care of them.”


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