Ascensions Gate

Letter to Royalty

To my Commander and Sovereign

My Lord, I pray this letter finds you well. I am writing to tell you the status of the free city of Itony. By now I’m sure you have heard that nothing went as the Morlians expected. They could have never guessed that those foul scum known as “the Flames of Vengeance” would hire out the Gears of War and assault the city with a magitech colossus. The Storm Raven were routed but the late lieutenant commander Madrigal Thax did destroy much of the city on his way out. So now here we stand two months later. Repairs are being made in the city and people are returning. With the Flames being the cities heroes there has been an influx of despicable half-bloods. It repulses me to even be in this city anymore and I only tolerate it because you need me here. I will keep an eye on things in the city so as to keep you aware of potential threats to your glorious plans. I will keep the unclean nature of this city from me with the knowledge that you already have the crown and the boots are on their way here. I await your majestic rise to power and to the return of your fathers righteous path of our people.

Your faithful servant


Blitzwing42 Blitzwing42

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