Ascensions Gate

Letter to home 7

Dearest Lucille,

Please forgive me for my silence; I have been unable to write until today. I hope my earlier letters this season reached you, but I doubt any letter would have been able to leave Itoni until last week. I am glad to report that I am alive and well and we have achieved victory in Itoni! We have been fighting bitterly for the past several weeks, with the occupying Morlians increasing their strangle hold on the city. The Flames of Vengeance continued to engage in numerous battles throughout Itoni, isolated skirmishes and sabotage. I will spare you the details, but I must confess to witnessing numerous atrocities on both sides. The Morlians were wicked, and it brought out the worst in everyone. I believe I have held true to my own convictions, but war is truly terrible.

We were captured in the middle of our resistance, and were to be executed! I was terrified that I would never get to write to you and almost gave into despair. But we were able to escape with none of our party meeting our end that day. It grieves me to say, however, that this was not true for the remainder of the battle. Ghaul Thu and Arius fell in the sewers of Itoni. We also lost our new minotaur companion. None of them would respond to our ritual to call them back from the realms of their gods. True death of heroes is a sad thing indeed.

We pressed on and were able to gather the forces of The Gears of War, lead by the legendary Seraphim. It was quite an experience to meet another one of the so called Chosen of the Gods. He was a frightening individual, but at least he was on our side. We paid for their services with a magitech Colossus we had recovered. I was reluctant to unleash such a terrible weapon on anyone, but it was the only way. Our final battle, we did our best to evacuate the city before the Gears attacks, but alas we were only able to spare a few hundred of the final assault. It was truly horrible, there’s a reason those machines were all destroyed! Worse still, devils had taken up residence in Itoni, profiting from the misery of war. We did our best to stop their wicked deals, but we were trapped by a cunning succubus and Haplo gave up his soul to save us. A heroic sacrifice, and a terrible one. There is hope however, we may be able to save his soul one day.

Finally, the Morlian forces were in rout and we faced Lord Commander Madregal Thax. This man had been the source of misery to the Scarlands with his campaign against Toros. He had given an order of no retreat and ordered his men to kill any Itonian they saw. Thax mocked our attempts to stop him and swore that he would bury us in the burning city! The fight against this man was terrible, he used advanced magitech weapons and abilities on us, frequently taking to the sky and shooting us. But he could not stand against us, and we defeated him. His crimes had been too great and no quarter was given. I have thought that Lamont Sinclair would have offered Thax a chance; I hope that I am still on my path. Thax would have spit that back in our face anyway.

With Thax defeated, the Morlians continued their retreat and escaped the city. They will not be returning. I regret that the city is all but destroyed and there are many dead. The Flames of Vengeance are currently aiding the city in rebuilding and tending to the injured. We have a great deal of work to do. If the city was in a better place I would send for you, but it is still a grim and dangerous place. I will continue to write to you as we rebuild. You can be a hero in peacetime as well as war.

I hope the West is treating you well. Please write to me as soon as you can.

Looking Home,



Blitzwing42 Blitzwing42

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