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Letter to Home 3

Dearest Lucille,

Forgive my delay in writing, as you may expect by now, I was on a great quest! Our mercenary company received a call for aid from the small town of Hillborough. It appeared that the orcs of the Blacktooth Grin Clan had been ravaging the countryside, eliminating small hamlets near the town. It looked like Hillborough was next! I must remind you that the Blacktooth Grin Clan was the very same clan that our ancestor betrayed over a century ago.

We investigated the town and discovered that a strange man in Morlian armor was seen before the attacks began. We were able to piece together that the orcs were attacking because they felt that the people of Hillsborough had violated a treaty banning them from having weapons or armor, all because of this Morlian solider. We decided that this man was no doubt part of a larger attachment and we set out to find were the Morlians were. We went to the orcs first in order to plead that they cease their attacks. Unfortunately, the orcs would only grant us an audience with their leader Thorgrak after a brutal trial by combat. We were forced to fight our way through the tribe that was present and we bested them all! I am proud to say that we did not fell any of them fatally and we could speak to the old, blind orc Thorgrak. I must confess my prejudice, because I was amazed by this creature’s wisdom. He understood our plea and believed we could find the Morlians west of his tribe.

We sought out the Morlian force with Thorgrak’s aid and found that it was no small force. A large outpost had been created in the scrublands, no doubt to serve as a starting point for some terrible campaign. We assaulted the outpost and faced dozens of soldiers with several magatech creatures. I must say that things looked grim several times, but we overcame the villains and met their leader, Sergeant Bromier of Mercer. Bromier gloated about his commander’s plans to conquer the land and, though we offered surrender, he fought us brutally. He defeated him and his retinue and the Outpost was ours.

I regret to say that there were no survivors at the Outpost, due to my companion Ghaul Thu’s rage. As a half-ogre, the Morlians committed a lifetime of wrongs to he and his people. It may be his right to revisit this hatred on them at any opportunity. I don’t feel it is my place to stop him, they would likely do worse to us if given the chance. I wish he would stop, but as of yet I don’t think I should step in. Indeed, several of my companions (I dare say all of them) are of vastly different ideologies and have committed acts I would consider bloodthirsty. Dottenlieg relishes in burning is victims to death and no doubt Reesa would gladly shred unarmed men with her claws if they were vile enough. I am wrong to judge these people because my hands are not free of blood and particularly because of what happened on our return to Itoni.
When we returned, I left the party to return to the Blacktooth Grin Clan. I returned alone and sought an audience with Thorgrak. I was granted such and met with him alone. I confessed that my people, the Sinclairs, had done a great wrong to his people and that I was on a great quest to redeem our line in the eyes of the world. I surrendered to his will and told him if he wished to strike me down I would not resist. The blind warrior laughed and appeared pleased. He said it took courage to appear before him in such a manner. He confessed he could not grant me forgiveness to me as it was not his place as a servant of the god once wronged. But he would tell of my courage to all who would listen and how I had “barred my throat” to him for redemption.

When I returned, I was surprised that my companions were upset that I had vanished for several days. I arrogantly lashed out at them saying they wouldn’t understand, but I quickly saw that I was wrong. Ressa is half-dragon for heaven’s sake, and it takes honor to bear the word of a god like Dottenlieg. They were generally concerned for me and understood. I learned a great deal about them and about my quest. Perhaps our honor will not be won by great deeds, but by wisdom.

It’s a start anyway.

Looking to the West,



Blitzwing42 Blitzwing42

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