Ascensions Gate

Dreams #1

An explosion deafened Ramos and he fell to the ground. The air was thick with smoke and screams of the dying. Scanning his surroundings, Ramos saw corpses of Concordant soldiers littering the ground near him. He stood up and as he walked forward, a young man grabbed his leg. “Sergeant,” he croaked as he died. Ramos looked down and saw he was wearing a scout’s uniform with the red and white Concordant flag around his waist. A magical rapier bearing his family’s crest hung at his hip and his left arm had some Skree magatech bracer. These things were alien to Ramos, but oddly familiar. Raulo, Ramos thought. He had a vague memory of watching Raulo fight against a magatech battle suit, but it wasn’t the suits he had seen in Itoni. He felt like he saw Raulo fall, but who was Raulo?

Ramos continued on, in the distance he saw Torosian soldiers crossing a ridge. In response, Ramos dropped to the ground, landing beside a corpse. While Ramos paused to think about his next move, he looked at the corpse next to him. It was a young man, but the age was hard to place. He was staring up at the sky; blank blue eyes in a frozen stare. As Ramos looked at this man, he found it remarkable how utterly plain the man’s features were. He had to keep looking to remind himself of the color of his eyes or hair, as if the memory was fading as quickly as it was made. As Ramos studied this corpse, he couldn’t find a single injury. As Ramos looked, the corpse’s hand rose suddenly and Ramos felt cold steel against his throat. The corpse blinked and spoke, "Hiding amongst the dead?”
Ramos exhaled slowly, “You as well? There are enemy soldiers heading this way. We should move lest we face them alone.”
The corpse smiled. “A good plan,” he said, “my name is John. I’m a corporal in the Scout division. Got separated.”
Ramos was sure someone in the Scout Division was named John, but he had never met anyone with that name. “I’m Sergeant Sinclair,” Ramos said. He never had a title in Itoni, but this one fit well.
“Well, Sergeant, if I may be so bold as to make a recommendation. We are overrun and if we try to regroup with Concordant forces we’ll have to fight through Luthor’s men alone. We should attempt to find other loyal forces and circle back,” John said.
“I agree. There’s other people we could help.” Ramos said.

There was another explosion.

Ramos woke up.


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